Phil Hayes & The Trees

Phil Hayes & The Trees is a band,
featuring Phil Hayes on guitar and the wonderful Sarah Palin (JJ & Palin, Boytoy & One Sentence. Supervisor) and Martin Prader (Prader & knecht, Howlong Wolf) on drums and bass. Debut LP/CD and itunes album Hooligan Postcards was released on DALA Produkte/Irascible in October 2015. Second album Blame Everyone was released on Vinyl, CD and digital formats on DALA Produkte/Irascible on 9th December 2016.
Phil Hayes & The Trees will be releasing new material on Ikarus Records through 2019
DALA Produkte
Ikarus Records 

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"Its all in the mix - Jonathan Richman, Life Without Buildings, Talking Heads, Wire - all mixed up with some classic songwriting and all put through the post-pop, post-punk blender with some really beautiful harmonies. It‘s soft and close, hard and cold..."

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