Assignments 2020

In the midst of the Lockdown, whilst realising that everything I usually do is a collaboration with a group of people standing in the same room, I came across a Lou Reed interview where Lou talked about writ­ing the song Vicious and about how it was an as­sign­ment from Andy Warhol. Andy gave Lou the ti­tle and the first line and, ac­cord­ing to Lou, the rest was easy be­cause it be­came about fin­ish­ing an as­sign­ment. The first dif­fi­cult step had been done by some­one else.  
I then wrote to some fel­low artist col­leagues around the planet and asked them for an as­sign­ment - the ti­tle and first line of a song - Maybe there's a song they'’d like to hear that no-one's writ­ten yet?  
The songs were written quickly, quite often spontaneously.

ASSIGNMENTS #1  was released on Cassette (with download) and on all digital platforms via Ikarus Records, Switzerland on November 6th 2020.
It contains seven songs written after song titles and and first lines were suggested by; Jacob Wren, Paloma Ayala, Charbel Haber, Erin Hawkins and Renée van Trier 

ASSIGNMENTS #1 was recorded and mixed by David Langhard at DALA Studios, Winterthur 20. - 22. July 2020
Phil Hayes Sings, plays Guitar, Drums and a Bass 
Daniel Nievergelt plays Guitars and Bass 
David Langhard  plays Piano.

ASSIGNMENTS #1 on Bandcamp

ASSIGNMENTS #1 made the best of 2020 lists for songs and albums on the Sounds! programme on Swiss national radio SRF3.
to be continued… ASSIGNMENTS #2 coming soon ……