Assignments 2020

…. as a result of research for REVENGE, Phil found himself investigating a lot of Lou Reed stuff, revisiting texts, songs and interviews - and came across a rather stiff interview where Lou talks about writing the song Vicious; about how it was an assignment from Andy Warhol. Andy gave him the title and the first line and according to Lou the rest was easy because it became about finishing an assignment. The first difficult step had been done by someone else.
Phil started to think about those staff writers at the Brill Building in New York in the 50s and 60s punching out songs on specific subjects or in specific genres..

Slightly similar in form to Places Of Interest, Phil is currently undertaking some assignment songwriting. The assignment inputs being a title and first line of a song, sent by fellow artist colleagues from near and far.  "Maybe there's a song they'’d like to hear that noone's written yet?"

ASSIGNMENTS 1 will be released later in 2020 and contains assignments from Jacob Wren, Erin Hawkins, Charbel Harber and Renée van Trier.