Assignments 2020

In the midst of the Lockdown, whilst realising that everything I usually do is a collaboration with a group of people standing in the same room, I came across a Lou Reed interview where Lou talked about writ­ing the song Vicious and about how it was an as­sign­ment from Andy Warhol. Andy gave Lou the ti­tle and the first line and, ac­cord­ing to Lou, the rest was easy be­cause it be­came about fin­ish­ing an as­sign­ment. The first dif­fi­cult step had been done by some­one else.  
I then wrote to some fel­low artist col­leagues around the planet and asked them for an as­sign­ment - the ti­tle and first line of a song - Maybe there's a song they'’d like to hear that no-one's writ­ten yet?  

ASSIGNMENTS #2 released June 2021 on Cassette (with download) and on all digital platforms via Ikarus Records with song titles and first lines suggested by;
Kim Noble
Shawn Sides
Dominic Oppliger
Jen Rosenblit
Sahar Rahimi

ASSIGNMENTS #1  was released on Cassette (with download) and on all digital platforms via Ikarus Records, Switzerland in November 2020.
Song titles and and first lines were suggested by;
Jacob Wren
Paloma Ayala
Charbel Haber
Erin Hawkins 
Renée van Trier 

ASSIGNMENTS #1 & #2 were recorded and mixed by David Langhard at DALA Studios, Winterthur.
Phil Hayes Sings, plays Guitar, Drums and a Bass 
Daniel Nievergelt plays Guitars and Bass 
David Langhard  plays Piano.

ASSIGNMENTS #1 made the best of 2020 lists for songs and albums on the Sounds! programme on Swiss national radio SRF3.
ASSIGNMENTS  on Bandcamp