Bahnhof Wiedikon 2010

Private stories, all centred around a beautifully built but now rather forgotten about local train station, are retold to camera by people sitting comfortably at home. The stories are then shown as an installation in the waiting hall of the station for passers-by and commuters to watch, listen to or just read before they board their trains.

  • Concept:  Phil Hayes
  • Coordination and Interviews:  Janina Offner
  • Interviews and Video:  Susanne Hofer
  • Music and Sound:  Thomas Peter

As part of Wir Retten Zürich* (We save/rescue Zurich), a 20th anniversary city project from the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee we collected stories based around Bahnhof Wiedikon station in Zurich.

Janina Offner and Susanne Hofer interviewed those willing to tell their stories at home and Susanne Hofer edited the material into an hour long film sequence. Thomas Peter added music and the material was shown using two projectors, gradually emerging on the wall of the station as daylight faded. Sound was available via headphones, or you could read the stories from moving subtitles. Commuters, passers-by and those revisiting the station for the first time in years mixed with travellers on four cold evenings in January 2010.

On 1. 2. 3. July 2010, all twelve individual city projects came together in the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee where some of our station stories were told live within the installation.

With special thanks to:
Hans Uster, Annamaria Würzburger, Rosi Capello, Mario und Mona Lorenzetti, Hans Stocker, Ernst Marty, Heiri Gross, Urs Heinz Aerni, Ralf Schlatter und Aki Rickert

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