Hi, How Are You? 2015

A 40min performance created for a double evening of performances presented together with kraut_produktion at the Fabriktheater, Rote Fabrik Zurich

with Nele Jahnke, Christophe Jaquet, Nora Vonder Mühll. Some of the techniques discovered in the making of this piece became part of the process of creating the First Cut Productions performance piece WORK

  • Direction:  Phil Hayes
  • Dramaturgy:  Julia Hintermüller
  • Costume:  Nic Tillein
  • Light:  Marek Lamprecht

3 Seminar attendees
how decisions get made by people who have no real influence or power  
name badges
white wine
an album of music by a famous band that contains no hits  
a slap in the face
a dance
a list
some brochures
a glove puppet
stage blood
flashing lights

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  • photo: Sava Hlavce
    photo: Sava Hlavce
  • photo: Sava Hlavce
    photo: Sava Hlavce