Hi, How Are You? 2015

A 40min performance created for a double evening of performances presented together with kraut_produktion at the Fabriktheater, Rote Fabrik Zurich

with Nele Jahnke, Christophe Jaquet, Nora Vonder Mühll

  • Direction:  Phil Hayes
  • Dramaturgy:  Julia Hintermüller
  • Costume:  Nic Tillein
  • Light:  Marek Lamprecht

3 Seminar attendees
how decisions get made by people who have no real influence or power  
name badges
white wine
an album of music by a famous band that contains no hits  
a slap in the face
a dance
a list
some brochures
a glove puppet
stage blood
flashing lights

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  • photo: Sava Hlavce
    photo: Sava Hlavce
  • photo: Sava Hlavce
    photo: Sava Hlavce