Radio Show

I’ve been thinking of trying to record sounds and thoughts whilst away touring -  and then combine these with various recordings and  selections of music that in my head seem to make sense together. The kind of thing you could put on when you have something else to do, like a radio show if you like. The idea is to turn this into something creative, explore the medium to see what comes up - at the same time hoping it doesn't end up like stumbling back to my flat after the pub at the end of the 1980s watching me fumble through my scratchy record collection. Fingers crossed then, its work in progress......

Any Other Nightmy live attempt at playing records, recorded sounds and talking a bit too was broadcast live on the first Monday of each month in 2017 & 2018 on Radio Stadtfilter Winterthur.

I'd be happy to repeat the experience elsewhere.

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  • photo: Niklaus Spoerri