Voices 2021

VOICES a film
29mins / 2021

In 2021, I dug out a shaky old Mini-DV camera and created a 30min film called VOICES.
This lo-fi, no budget experiment was filmed using a re-discovered Sony Mini-DV camera from the 90’s, a primitive editing programme and a cast of friends and colleagues.

Filmed in autofocus, VOICES introduces us to cast of pixelated strangers faced with a variety of dilemmas and communication problems.
Denise Wintsch
Paloma Ayala
Alain Borek
Sarah Palin
Christophe Jaquet
Jessica Huber
Dominic Oppliger
Fatima Moumouni

Watch VOICES Online here:
with subtitles in English
with subtitles in French and German

Con­cept, Di­rec­tion, Cam­era, Edit: Phil Hayes
Text: Phil Hayes & Per­form­ers
Sound Edit & Mix: Daniel Hobi
Technical Support: Susanne Hofer/flimmern
Support: Natalie Bringolf

© Phil Hayes December 2021